Animal by-products

Animal by-products are products of animal origin not intended for human consumption. ABPs are defined as entire bodies or parts of animals, products of animal origin or other products obtained from animals, which are not intended for human consumption, including oocytes, embryos and semen. In fact, even food waste from kitchens, sludge from dairies, used oil and animal manure are animal by-products and they may be a risk to public and animal health as they can spread diseases and pathogens.

According to the regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) No 1069/2009 we recognize 3 categories of ABPs by risk class:

Category 1 materials represent the highest risk and they are disposed of by incineration or by burial in a landfill after pressure sterilisation and its permanent marking.

Category 2 and 3 materials may be composted and applied to an agricultural land. Composting should eliminate all the pathogens and sanitise the materials in order to prevent pathogens from being transmitted to people or animals. The EWA fermenter can 100% sanitise these materials and assure their safe reuse.

Category 2 materials are also high risk and include the animal manure (all animal manure with or without bedding), digestive tract content of slaughtered animals, animal by-products collected during the treatment of waste water from slaughterhouses that does not contain the category 1 materials (especially mixture of fat and oil, sludge and waste from sand traps).

Category 3 materials are former foodstuffs of animal origin or containing products of animal origin. Catering waste, which is all waste food including used cooking oil originating in restaurants, catering facilities and kitchens, including central kitchens and household kitchens.

Materials suitable for process in the EWA fermenter according to the waste catalogue:

02 01 02        animal-tissue waste

02 02 01        sludges from washing and cleaning from processing meat, fish and other foods of animal origin

02 02 03        materials unsuitable for consumption or processing (meat processing)

02 02 04        sludge from on-site effluent treatment (meat processing)

02 05 01        materials unsuitable for consumption or processing (dairies)                 

02 05 02        sludges from on-site effluent treatment (dairies)

20 01 08        biodegradable kitchen and canteen waste

20 01 25        edible oil and fat



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