Processing brewery waste


The waste from beer production are spent grain, bitter sludge and are not suitable for feeding animals with, because of its bitterness. That is why they are usualy eliminated by composting. Malt sprouts and barley sprouts and roots have good influence on the fermentation process. Sludge separated at the beer filtration and kieselguhr can be partly regenerated by purification for further use. Sludge can also be composted and used to improve the soil.


The problematic biodegradable waste (BDW), usually expensive to dispose of, can be used and turned into an eco-friendly, beneficial and profitable revenue stream. Integrate the aerobic fermenter EWA to your operation and simply load and unload all the BDW by a built-in conveyor.

EWA - Ecological Waste Apparatus

EWA is an original apparatus designed for ecological processing of biodegradable waste, including the sludges from wastewaste treatment plants and animal by-products. On the market today, EWA is the most advanced in-vessel fermenter with 100% guaranteed hygienisationof the whole fill.

An original, patented solution of turning the fill in combination with rotary cultivators, system of air injectors and processes monitoring ensure an optimal conditions for bacteria to reproduce. The whole process of fermentation is shortened to minimum with maximum effect.

Ewa can process widest range of biodegradable waste.

The output material (fermentate) is either fresh compost, a first quality compost or biofuel.

The controlled proces of fermentation produces heat inside the machine, so there is no need of external source heat.

EWA is the most effective technologie for BDW processing on the market today.


The material heats by itself in the fermenter which destroys pathogenic germs and compost is no longer infectious. After the fermentation, there is no bad smell, no dung water, no vectors, no pathogens, no dangerous viruses, no bacteria, no eggs and larvae, that could find their way to humans through the soil. As the material has no bad smell any more, it is possible to stock it even in densely populated residential areas.

The fermentation process takes place automatically and it hygienizes every biodegradable waste you load in.

No longer will you have to pay for disposal of the biodegradable waste. You can safely return hygienized waste to the soil, use it for heating or sell it to producers of soil conditioners and fertilizers or directly to local gardening shops, they will be happy to save money on buying expensive commercial substrates or artificial fertilizers.



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